Custom or Habit?

“He went to the synagogue, as was His custom”…

One day, when I was seventeen, my sister asked me to baby-sit with her infant son while they went out for the evening. I loved the little boy dearly.

The baby was suffering from a slight cold; my sister’s instructions were to give him a spoon full of cough medicine from a bottle which she had left on the counter in the kitchen. When the time came to administer the cough syrup, I picked up the bottle, poured the medicine into a spoon and offered it to the baby.

As was my habit, my “usual behavior”, I didn’t bother to turn on the light in the kitchen.

The child immediately began to cough and cry, as he choked and spit out most of the medicine on his pajamas. This was not really an unusual response to bad tasting medicine, or so I thought. I turned on the light in the kitchen to assess the situation.

There was another small bottle on the counter. Upon checking, I saw that it contained the cough medicine.

The liquid I had poured into the spoon, was Tincture of Benzoin Compound, a substance used in vaporizers to help in easing breathing problems. Two bottles sat on the counter; without the light to show the names on the labels, I had chosen the wrong one.

I was devastated. This child who I dearly loved had nearly been poisoned by my irresponsible action. The little boy was fine. He suffered no ill effects from my carelessness, since most of the liquid had fallen on his pajamas.

Because of that experience, I have adopted a discipline; never administer or take a medication without first carefully checking the directions in the light.

This has become my custom and it has served me, and others, well, over time. It has become my “practice of long standing.”

I was reading an explanation of a “parable, recently. The reference said Jesus often used parables for his listeners to quickly understand the point he was making. What idea would come into a person’s mind when they heard the story he told them?

The article went on to say, the best thing to do to help a person, is to get them to think for themselves.

Is a “habitthe same as a “custom”?

When the habit, “the usual behavior” of attending church becomes a custom, “a practice of longstanding”, to us, we are ready to live; to worship and praise, to love and be loved, to listen and share His word within the congregation of believers on Sunday morning.

We are no longer burdened with a weekly decision; should I go or should I stay home? It’s no longer a “habit”…it is now our custom.

Our study group with other Christians has now become our custom. Whether we join together on Sunday morning or another time during the week, we place ourselves in a position to grow and incorporate the meaning of His Word into our lives.

It has become, our custom to listen, to learn, and to share.

Jesus, once again, has given us the example of His own life. “He went to the synagogue, as was His custom.

Are your “habits” serving you well? Would you like to turn them into customs? Your answer may be a life saver.

(Lord; ” Teach us Your ways. Help us to develop customs that will allow us to be used by You in Your ministries.” Amen)

***Note-The “child” is now in his seventies; in good health. (Memories & Observations)

By maryannetuck

The future is right ahead of me and new projects seem to beckon... Friends and memories of times past remain with me today. I love to share my stories along with comments and opinions (of course) of today's challenges. Photography is my hobby and opportunities to capture the scenes before me are mine for the taking. Born and raised in Michigan, the peaceful woods and wildlife trails have always attracted me. Graduating from high school in the early fifties, college was of no interest to me. I have learned one important fact about life; whover decided when a person becomes "old"...didn't know what they were talking about...My theory is; you're as old as you think you are....(I'm thinking about it..haven't decided yet.)

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