I Saw An Eagle Today

Sun is shining; Sky is blue,
Everyone’s busy, free moments few.
Economy’s rising,  dollar holds true.
I Saw An Eagle Today
Church pews half empty, more folks at the store.
Few cars on the highway,
Been here before.
I Saw An Eagle Today
Some folks feel lonely this time of  year.
Laughter and family, for them, disappear.
Doesn’t seem right without happiness here.
I Saw An Eagle Today
Why does it seem like today passed me by?
Yesterday’s memories cannot tell me why.
Tomorrow will bring me another blue sky.
I Saw An Eagle Today!
Today, as I left the church service,
My eyes were drawn to the sky. 
At  just that moment, an American Bald Eagle flew over.
Those who know me have often heard me say, 
“Any day I see an eagle is a perfect day for me.”

As the day wore on, blue moments overtook me.
Time and again the picture in my mind
Was that of the soaring eagle I’d seen that morning.

Early evening approached.
It was then I realized
 I’d had the perfect day,
Thanks to the beautiful moment this morning.

“I saw an eagle today.”

Photography By Mary Anne Whitchurch Tuck
http://www.thatremindsme.chat (Memories & Observations)

https:/This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is eagle-in-tree-best-for-card.jpg

By maryannetuck

The future is right ahead of me and new projects seem to beckon... Friends and memories of times past remain with me today. I love to share my stories along with comments and opinions (of course) of today's challenges. Photography is my hobby and opportunities to capture the scenes before me are mine for the taking. Born and raised in Michigan, the peaceful woods and wildlife trails have always attracted me. Graduating from high school in the early fifties, college was of no interest to me. I have learned one important fact about life; whover decided when a person becomes "old"...didn't know what they were talking about...My theory is; you're as old as you think you are....(I'm thinking about it..haven't decided yet.)


  1. Life without God is a life without real meaning. Truth and guidance is found in the words from God; the life and death of His son, Jesus Christ. Keep Him close to your heart, believe and trust … no harm will come to you that you cannot overcome. Love God and His son, Jesus Christ.


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